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Last week I closed a chapter of my life that I wouldn't mind re-living.

If you know me at all, you know that's a big deal. Usually I'm all about change and moving on.

My employment at Property Solutions came at a much needed time in my life. I was struggling with the idea of moving back to Provo. I needed a change in my work environment. And I needed to find more friends.

On the first day of training at PSI, I met my first new friend, Ms. Alicia Moss. We started laughing during training and spent the next two weeks trying not to make eye-contact so we could remain professional. From there, I felt like everyone in our department became my real friend.

Me and Alicia being dorks. Surprise!
Property Solutions has five core values that we focus on as a company. In my opinion, the company values are not just posted on the wall, but they are things that the company and its associates truly strive to become.

The five are:
  1. Be the Real Deal
  2. Be the Joneses
  3. Talk to Me Goose
  4. Be Excellent to Each Other
  5. Business in the Front, Party in the Back

While I believe that the Leasing Center at Property Solutions exemplifies each of these qualities, I would like to mention the two that most impacted me during my time there.

Be Excellent to Each Other

I have never before been a part of such a small group of people where so many large tragedies struck. I kid you not. Multiple cases of cancer, deaths within immediate families, accidents, other major illnesses and various personal tragedies seemed to plague my friends.

But we were a family.

Shifts were constantly being covered by concerned co-workers, meals were taken to those in need, money was raised for those with medical expenses and many prayers were offered from various faiths for those who were struggling.

This department is excellent to each other.

I cannot even begin to list the names of my friends who helped me through some pretty hard times. I would have to give the name of almost every single person in our department during my time at PSI.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Employment demands professionalism. We all know that. It is my opinion that Property Solutions has found a unique blend of professionalism and partyism. I don't care if that's a real world. It's my blog and I do what I want.

The environment created and allowed in the PSI workplace makes it easy to become more than just co-workers, but real friends. I felt like I could trust my co-workers with my life and at the same time I enjoyed going to work because I was excited to spend time with these people. Weird, I know. Every day was professional (mostly). Every day was a party (mostly).

To answer your question... 8 chairs and 5 people.
Hollywood (my Dorito and I, her Bacon) partied hard every Saturday at 5:00 am.
Linds, RiRi and I as stick figures.
I did not expect to leave Property Solutions so suddenly, but I was offered a great opportunity that I couldn't turn down. I will always be grateful for my time spent there.

I am looking forward to my new opportunity with TazWorks and I hope I can find a lot of similar experiences there as well.

I miss you PSI friends! Let's be friends even though I won't see you every day.