Dream On

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The perfect time to step off a plane!

When one of your best friends calls to inform you he is getting married, what's the first thing you do?

Buy a plane ticket.

Well, at least you start looking for good prices. That's when your other best friends decide to come with you and make it an incredible weekend.

So Linze, Court and I planned a trip to LA.

It was one of the more interesting trips I've had with friends, but it brought us closer together than ever. I can say with complete honesty that I felt more comfortable than I have in years. The three of us get each other even though none of us are easy to understand on the surface. It's kind of ironic because we laughed harder than ever, cried with each other and even told each other the truth when we needed to hear it.

I can't explain the friendship that is there. All I can say is that it's real.

A day in Santa Monica.

Tales of a groomsman.

     Lance's wedding was exactly what I
     pictured it would be. Simple. Easy-going.
     Just like a Jack Johnson song. It was the
     first time I met his girl. She was exactly
     what I pictured she would be as well. I
     can tell that he is happy. I just can't believe
     how quickly time goes these days. Clich√©,
     I know. I never understood what adults
     were saying. I think I'm starting to catch on.

Mr. and Mrs. Foust

We went to Disneyland. I'm not very good at theme parks. Maybe it's that whole patience thing, but lines are SO frustrating. Luckily, we didn't wait for more than 45 minutes for any ride. It's a good thing all three of us love the Tower of Terror. I could have just done that over and over all day.

Two things could make this actually the happiest place on earth...
No lines and better food. Just sayin'.
Typical Spencer & Linze pose.
Tower of Terror. Ain't nothin' betta.
We wanted to do a little dancing, but Linze may or may not have misplaced her ID somewhere in Hollywood. So we went to bed instead. The next night, Linze flirted with a bouncer and he let us in. NBD.

We be clubbin'.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was when Linze got us backstage passes to Aerosmith's rehearsal for the Hollywood Bowl! Um, yeah. May I just say that Steven Tyler is amazing in person. So there were were in the Bowl, which seats 18,000, and there were only about 50 of us getting a private performance from Aerosmith. Of course they performed one of my all-time favorites, "Dream On."
As Linze would say, "I felt the spirit."

Steven Tyler, ladies and gentlemen.

An empty stadium.

Beach day was another favorite part. Sunday brunch at The Kettle, naps on the beach and coveting the houses on the water always makes for a good time.
Sunday brunch.
Really...? You're going to push me off...?

Friends. Fun. Food. What else can you ask for?
(Ok, maybe a hotel that actually has a hot tub...)

Not ready to leave LA, but we're doing it anyway.

Don't worry Los Angeles... we'll be back. For good next time.

Best quotes of the trip:

Flight Attendant Man: "How did you like those popcorn chips?!"
Linze: "Those chips were BOMB!"
Flight Attendant Man cringes.
Courtney: "Yeah... That's one of those words you're not allowed to say on a plane..."

Linze: "Sometimes I dislike people because of their age, and then I think, 'wait, that's discrimination!' But then I remember... this is Tinder."

Courtney: "A midget! Oh my gosh, a midget! I matched with a midget on Tinder! ... Oops, I mean a little person."
"We really need to move to California. There's so much potential here."

Linze: "I don't know what the deal is here in LA... Why... Why... Well, why does everyone like us?"
"I think you guys need to leave... I might be having sex tonight."

Courtney: "What's a sadist?"
*Definition given*
"Well, why would he tattoo that on his arm?!"

I'm sure I said some awkward things (obviously), but I didn't write them down so oh well!

Just for kicks, here's a little Aerosmith. Dream on.