Matinee Movie Tuesday: Pacific Rim

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So... we have a little tradition. For those of you who don't know, Cinemark movie theaters has this special deal where you can see any movie on Tuesday nights for the price of a matinee. That's a big deal for us college students. Amber, Kristi and I have become quite the dependable Tuesday movie-goers.

To make a long story short, all three of us generally like the same types of movies... until we start picking them apart, that is. We've decided that we'll each give a personal review of our movies so you can decide which movies will best suit you.

Disclaimer: We are NOT professionals, and we like it that way. We just know what real movie-goers want to see or don't want to see. So here begins our Amateur Movie Review.

Today we saw Pacific Rim. The previews gave us low expectations, but our action-loving junky friends were quite impressed. Amber and I entered the theater with mediocre expectations. (Kristi was in Ogden... she bailed. Someone throw rotten fruit at her. Thanks).


Liked: "I liked all of the action. The storyline was pretty good. Mostly, the main actor man was nice and attractive."

Disliked: "The girl. She was a whiney, sniveling little woman. I did not like her, and I tried really hard! They also tried to make it funny, but it didn't always pan out very well." 


Would you suggest this film to a friend? "It really depends on the friend. If you love action (not the romantic kind), you should see this. A lot of females really shouldn't see it. They'd be disappointed there was no romance.


Liked: N/A. You ditched us.

Disliked: N/A Ditcher!

N/A. No show.

Would you suggest this film to a friend? You should probably see it with your friends for Tuesday traditions.


Liked: "The action. It was like a perfect blend of Power Rangers, Transformers, Godzilla and an adult version of Monsters University. Don't worry about any of that love gunk. If you want to escape your dating or married life for a few hours, this is your chance."

Disliked: "Two of the main characters looked too much alike. The only difference was that one had an Aussie accent and one was American. It took me half of the movie to figure out how to tell them apart. I spent more time worrying about that than how society would defeat the alien monsters. Casting directors should really take that into consideration."


Would you suggest this film to a friend? "As I mentioned, I would suggest it to those who are in need of some action... Not THAT kind of action, but those who want to see buildings crushed, bombs, explosions, fights and alien monster warfare. If that appeals to you, then go see it. The Cinemark is even handing out free posters you can hang in your room. And... You're welcome."

Stay tuned faithful film fans. Next Tuesday will be another epic adventure.