Shiz Friends Say Part II

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I know it's been a while, but calm down... I was taking a WELL-DESERVED summer break. Well, now school is back in, which means I am busier than ever. That also means that I make more time to blog. Doesn't make sense? I know, I'm a crazy person.

Here is the second edition (on this blog, at least) of 'Shiz Friends Say.' It's really not my fault... You all just speak gold. Enjoy.

"I used to be metrosexual. Can you believe that?! I even had a bic in my shower."
-Tyler the Co-worker

"So Spencer... I'm sure you've recognized by now that I'm pretty odd, but I just have to tell you that I've had the Grease soundtrack stuck in head head for three days straight." - Tyler the Co-worker
"What song are you singing the most?" - Me
"Definitely Beauty School Dropouts. It probably explains a lot about me, huh?" - Tyler

"When most people reminisce about their 'glory days,' they're generally referring to a time AFTER they've hit puberty." - Mark

"I swear I'm not stalking you..." - Lindsey
"We just have the same pee schedule." - Me

"Believe me, they aren't surprised. They know me, and you have a nosering." - Me

"If you were a mermaid, that would be reeeeeally pretty!" - Emily
"I know, but I'm not a mermaid this time." - Me

(At the grocery store with Mamacita)
"We don't need anything from this aisle." - Mom
"That's because it's the baking aisle, and you only come here if you're making things from scratch." - Me
"Are you freaking kidding me?!" - Mom

"That girl is always gnawin' on a pickle." - Lindsey

"I don't like to use my hands so I try to sneeze on the floor." - Tyler the Co-Worker

"Yeah! Don't drink and drive! And don't drowsy drizzle!" - Lindsey

"What are you doing?" - Mark
"Pretending I'm a hamster." - Me
"Don't ask questions you don't want the answer to." - Mark

"I just wasn't sure how I'd tell this story in the future without giving away which of my friends is the hermaphrodite." - Mark

"Well, life's tough for a hermaphrodite." - Me

"Did ya get my sausage?!" - Mark
*Waitress pretends she didn't hear that...*

"Did you see that lightning last night?!" - Amber
"No, my room is in the basement so I don't get much action." - Spencer
"Ummmm...." - Amber

I'm going to stop there for tonight... So many more to come!